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3 Benefits of getting an online divorce
  • By Rachel
  • In Divorce Legal
  • 2020-08-13 23:39:42

3 Benefits of getting an online divorce

We live in the information age. We make restaurant reservations online, buy our groceries and have it delivered to our door with the click of a button, and we even book travel plans to a different part of the world from the comfort of our homes. But getting a divorce online? How does that even work? And why would you choose this route over the conventional method?

Online divorce simplifies the process of getting an uncontested divorce. Once you and your partner have agreed on how you’d like to divide your shared assets, there need not be any drama about getting the process finalised. Therefore, you simply register with an online divorce company, fill in the questionnaire and submit the necessary paperwork. The whole process usually doesn’t take more than 6 weeks. Here are the top 3 benefits of doing your divorce online.

Judge's gavel resting on a laptop

Simple, less disruptive procedure

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a lawyer to handle your divorce. But prepare yourself for long meetings, lots of phone calls and having to occasionally take time off work to manage the process. With an online divorce you simply head over to the online divorce company’s website, register a profile and complete the online form that will ask you everything the lawyer handling the divorce application will need in order to proceed. (Using the conventional method, a lawyer will ask you all these questions, while making notes and perhaps missing a detail resulting in a follow-up meeting or phone call.) Next you’ll be prompted to upload the necessary documentation and make a payment in order to get the ball rolling. And the best part? You can do it all in the comfort of your own home.

Cut out paper family snipped in half

Significantly lower cost

If you and your partner can’t agree on how to divide your assets or figure out a custody agreement for the children, then an uncontested divorce unfortunately is not a suitable option for you. But if you can manage to avoid hours of back-and-forth and long meetings with lawyers, wouldn’t that be better for everyone involved? Especially, since lawyers charge an hourly rate. This rate is usually not only for meeting with you, but also for handling the paperwork and procedures until your divorce is eventually finalised. Most online divorce companies ask a set fee for handling an uncontested divorce – no hidden costs and no escalating consultation fees.

Man and women sitting around negotiation table

No arguing in court

Divorce is hard. For most it’s a complex emotional process dealing with a sense of uncertainty, while feeling exposed and vulnerable. No one takes pleasure in going through the process of disbanding a marriage and it’s usually a stressful and disruptive time for the families of the couple splitting up as well. For this reason it’s so important for the couple getting the divorce to remain civil, and willing to compromise. First prize is always to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom. Therefore, meet on neutral ground (perhaps a mutual friend’s house or a coffee shop) and calmly discuss the way forward. Try to keep in mind that, even though this step might feel uncomfortable, sitting down and negotiating the departure from the marriage like a business deal will have long term benefits for both parties.

Once you start the online process to get an uncontested divorce, the process is simple and – most importantly – private. No fighting with lawyers on both sides seeking the most advantageous settlements for their clients, no shouting, no drama. It’s just a simple procedure where you peacefully, yet impersonally, end a marriage agreement.

Let Divorce Legal handle your online divorce application

We specialise in settling uncontested divorces quickly and efficiently, providing a cost-effective service while guiding you throughout the whole process. All you need to do to get started is to create a profile on our website, complete the questionnaire, upload the necessary documentation and make the payment. From there you can log in to track the progress of the application and inquire about any step you’d like to know more about. Our team of qualified professionals is standing by to help you get the divorce process behind you as quickly and painlessly as possible; get in touch with them right now.