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    2020-09-25 11:20:25 / 320 Views

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  • When Parents Divorce

    2020-09-25 09:03:26 / 458 Views

    Divorce is very difficult thing to explain to a child. We found this article with some helpful tips on how to break the news and handle the fallout. Mommy and daddy are getting a divorce.…

Divorce Is Pushing Hong Kong's House Prices Even Higher
  • By Admin
  • In Divorce Legal
  • 2020-09-23 06:55:15

Divorce Is Pushing Hong Kong's House Prices Even Higher

The usual suspects for Hong Kong’s sky-high property prices are low interest rates, a housing shortage and demand from mainland China. But there’s another unforeseen factor: divorce.

Demand for separations and remarriages have accelerated sharply over the past two decades as the former British colony has deepened its integration with the mainland. That’s according to Richard Wong, an academic at the University of Hong Kong and a veteran analyst of the local housing sector.

The numbers tell the story: Between 1976 and 1995, cumulative total marriages reached 803,072, with 84,788 divorces and 65,794 remarriages, according to Wong. In the subsequent years, through 2015, marriages rose to 878,552 while divorces shot up to 323,298 and remarriages came in at 256,066.

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